2020-2021 AAEOY Program

Event Date 8-Aug.
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Program Executive Forum AAEOY Speaker Series AAEOY Speaker Series AAEOY Speaker Series Virtual Talent Meetup
Career Fair
Virtual AAEOY Pre-Award
Virtual AAEOY Award Ceremony Virtual Career Carnival
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Career Carnival Program Schedule
Posted by: Career Carnival Team
Published: July 06, 2021
Created: July 06, 2021
Career Carnival (FREE online event), 1:00PM to 4:00PM, Pacific Time, July 31, Saturday, 2021 Theme: “How to thrive in your job?” ...

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AAEOY Pre-award Gala
Posted by: Pre-award Gala Team
Published: June 19, 2021
Created: June 19, 2021
AAEOY Pre-award Gala is an invitation-only event for awardees, speakers, sponsors, committee members and important guests...

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Career Fair Program Schedule and Hiring Companies Details
Posted by: Talent Meetup Team
Published: May 3, 2021
Created: Aprial 28, 2021
AAEOY Career Fair Program Book - the theme, detailed schedule, registration info, and hiring company introductions ...

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The 2020-2021 AAEOY Award Ceremony will be the main program of the 19th AAEOY Award and Conference that will recognize all awardees during the virtual ceremony. There will be five types of awards: the Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award, Distinguished Leadership in Technology Award, Asian American Executive of the Year Award, Asian American Engineer of the Year Award and Asian American Most Promising Engineer of the Year Award. For this ceremony, we are excited to have a total of 20 awardees. We look forward to your attendance at the AAEOY Award Ceremony (Video) to celebrate this milestone with us.

AAEOY Speaker Series invites past awardees to share their technical outlooks and personal journeys, with a presentation and an interview in each event. This year’s theme is “Improving Life - Beyond Smart Technology, Towards a Smart Society”.


2020 AAEOY Award Ceremony and Conference (Cancelled)

   22,400 Sq. Ft. Mission City Ballroom


AAEOY Culture Tour

A three to four hour bus and walking tour in Silicon Valley. Visiting high-tech companies, academic science laboratories, and universities to have a relaxing trip and a knowledgeable, as well as informational, exchange prior to the pre-award dinner banquet.


Pre-Award Dinner

Pre-award dinner is an invitation-only event for all awardees, distinguished awardees, VIP’s and speakers. It is a social activity to connect the participants and to congratulate this year's AAEOY award recipients. We will go over the logistics of the AAEOY dinner banquet during the pre-award dinner so the awardees can properly prepared for the dinner banquet the following day.

Pre-award dinner will be held at Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara, one of the premier hotels in Silicon Valley.


Talent Meetup / Career Fair

Talent Meetup is a unique event connecting the best of Silicon Valley talent with companies from early stage startups to market leaders. Join us for multiple panels with technical, business, and HR executives with work experience at AT&T, Boeing, Dupont, GM, Google, IBM, Tesla, TI, National Labs. We'll be discussing how companies and institutes stay competitive and innovative and what they’re looking for in candidates. You'll have the chance to interact with and raise questions to the panelists on the stage, off the stage, or at the booth meet and greets.

Talent Meetup is on Saturday, May 2nd at the Santa Clara Convention Center. It is open to the public as a part of the Asian American Engineers of the Year Award event.


Executive Forum

AI has been driving the next wave innovation in products, services, and business innovation. AI related conferences are sweeping the global, crossing almost all segments. Meanwhile, many alarms have sounded on the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to upend the workforce, especially for easy-to-automate jobs. Managers at all levels will have to adapt to the world of machine learning. AI's impact to corporate management is beyond just workforce replacement by robotics or analytics automation by machine learning; It may impact the fundamental roles of management in corporations.

In this executive forum, our senior corporate executive panelists will share their views on how AI is redefining management, and how AI driven management transformation will happen in not only high tech but all sectors. The invitation of this events are only extended to executives, and we are expecting all executive attendees to participate Q&A and open discussion session to exchange notes, share experiences and explore opportunities. We hope every one comes out of the session with better vision, more ideas and confidence on dealing with the AI's disruption in corporate management.


2020 AAEOY Symposium Theme

Improving Life
Beyond Smart Technology - Towards a Smart Society

Technology is changing our world at an astonishing pace. In the span of a few short years, the internet, mobile devices, and social media have transformed how we communicate and get information about the world. Rapid advances in artificial intelligence foreshadow a world in which purpose-built machines can accomplish a wide range of human tasks, displacing some forms of human labor. These advances could result in tremendous gains in productivity, but may also cause major economic and societal disruption.
In order to adjust to the rapid rate of technological advances and minimize societal disruption it is imperative that other areas of society such as education, laws and regulations keep up with the technical progress.

Smart education, is needed to meet the needs of the work and life in the 21st century. New “context-aware ubiquitous learning” employing mobile, wireless communication, and sensing technologies will enable learners to interact with both real-world and digital-world objects. Schools and universities need to develop new curriculum and teaching methods to train and develop the workforce of the future. New VR/AR tools can become the next new teaching platform, changing how students learn new complex concepts.

Likewise with each advancement and innovation, new legal issues will arise. Codes and regulations we live by and laws we follow also need to keep up with technology. Technical advances will demand new laws and regulations, and a new breed of lawyers that understand the complexities in science and technology and can effectively deal with a variety of new complex issues.

Some of the above mentioned topics and issues will be addressed by invited speakers in the afternoon technical symposium.


AAEOY VIP Reception

A cocktail and networking event for awardees and their families, company representatives, and government officials. CIE National Council members will gather briefly to introduce and honor the sponsors. Awardees must attend group awardee photo at 4:30 PM prior to the VIP reception.


AAEOY Award Ceremony and Banquet

A traditional and formal award banquet to introduce and honor the 2020 AAEOY Engineer Awardees and Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Awardees. The keynote speaker will give a speech based on the conference theme. This is the last activity for 2020 AAEOY conference and banquet.



Santa Clara Convention Center / Hyatt Regency Santa Clara

Santa Clara Convention Center is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and in the same complex as the Hyatt Regency. It is surrounded by hi-tech companies, and also right next to SF 49er’s Levi’s Stadium and California’s Great America. 



If you plan to stay overnight, two nights or even more days, here is the dedicated link for our guest reservation at Hyatt Regency Santa Clara with 2020 AAEOY discount! Please book before April 1, 2020 when the discount is valid.


Santa Clara Convention Center